Healing Hurt People

How Drexel University uses Penelope for Violence Intervention

The Healing Hurt People initiative at the Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice at Drexel University in Philadelphia is a hospital-based intervention program that has been helping people aged 8-30 confront the psychological and physical effects of trauma since 2008.

Developed at Drexel by experts in emergency and primary care, psychiatry, and public health, Healing Hurt People’s success has seen it expand to other hospitals in Portland and Chicago.

In 2016, Drexel began using Penelope case management software to track and report on the program – we recently spoke with Jessika Brock, Data Manager at the Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice about why they chose Penelope, and how the software has worked out for them so far.



Hi Jessika! Can you let us know why Drexel chose Penelope?

“We were looking for a software that was flexible and customizable to our everevolving program needs, but that was also affordable and offered strong customer support.”

What was your deployment experience like?

“We were in a really tight spot with our budget and as the Project Lead, I was unable to initiate the work due to being out on maternity leave. Despite the setback, and through strong support from Amanda and her team, we were able to roll out Penelope within 5 months of initiating the work. Amanda was patient, responsive, very quickly understood the intricacies of our program, and was able to offer solutions and problem solve with us.”

What are the pain points that Penelope is solving for your organization?

“Our program has experienced a lot of change in the last few years. Penelope has allowed us to quickly adapt our documentation to better suit our program needs. It has also allowed us to implement quality assurance measures through the workflow, alerts, and action trigger functions, while also being able to quickly track and update client info.”

Do you have any recommendations for other agencies considering Penelope?

“If you are going with the option of configuring your database yourself, make sure that you have the internal capacity. While creating documents in Penelope is straightforward, the initial build-out is extensive and requires staff who understand program needs on a variety of fronts. Don’t forget to engage and include your front-line staff in the testing process.”

Would you recommend Penelope to other organizations?



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