Client Engagement in Penelope

Connect with the people you serve


Penelope’s mobile client portal

ClientConnect is the mobile client portal for Penelope that empowers your clients to participate in their care while improving outcomes and providing transparency, accountability, and trust.


Increase Client Engagement

With ClientConnect, your clients can participate more fully in their care. The portal gives them the ability to check messages from their providers, view their provider’s availability and schedule new appointments, pay online or check their account balance, review tasks, and keep their profile and contact information up to date.

Provide a user-friendly experience

ClientConnect gives your clients a private, secure way to connect with your organization and the services you provide. ClientConnect is designed to work with mobile devices and has a responsive interface, meaning it’s intuitive and accessible whenever your clients need it.

Ease the burden on staff

ClientConnect saves staff time by facilitating quick and easy communication with clients while improving engagement. The portal also helps to reduce the incidence of no-shows and cut back on billing and administrative tasks.

Make ClientConnect your own

Your organization can control exactly what clients see when they log into ClientConnect. Depending on your needs, things like billing and service requests can be turned on or off in the client view. You can also personalize ClientConnect by adding your own logo and background images.

Tell others about ClientConnect

Want to tell your team about ClientConnect? Download our one-page summary for quick reference.


Client communication tool

Engage allows staff to send service-related emails or text messages directly to clients and allows clients to securely complete documentation on their computer or mobile device. Interactions between patient and provider through Engage automatically become part of the client’s clinical record in the system, requiring no extra effort from staff.

ClientConnect comes with unlimited use of Engage.


Penelope connected webforms

Add.Me is Athena Software’s secure and configurable web form that lets your clients add themselves into your Penelope database. You can also use Add.Me Import to bulk upload new client records into the system.


Customize your experience

When creating your web forms with Add.Me, you get to decide which information to track and how many fields you want to add. You can either use our standard field options or customize fields to fit your needs.

You also have the option to put your organization’s logo on your web forms so that your clients know their information is going to someone they trust.

Streamline Intake

Add.Me saves staff time by allowing your clients to add their own information into Penelope. It can also be configured to do things like automatically add clients to specified pre-enrollment lists or send notifications to staff when a client fills out a form.

Import multiple records at once

Securely bulk import client records by uploading a CSV file in Penelope to create multiple new client records at once.

Tell others about Add.Me

Download our one-page document about Add.Me. It’s a great way to share your Add.Me knowledge with your team.

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