Reporting Options in Penelope

Penelope gives users access to a library of built-in reports that includes most standard report types and allows system data to be exported to third-party applications like Excel. We also offer add-on custom reporting and data visualisation options.

Report Library

Access over 130 pre-built reports types in Penelope, including reports on client demographics, service provision statistics, worker activity, client outcomes, billing, referrals, and more.

This collection of reports has been curated over our 19 years working with agencies like yours. Take advantage of the Penelope global report library which is included in your licensing fee.

DQIL in Penelope screenshot

Data Quality Issues List

Messy or inaccurate data can be a headache, especially at reporting time.

Searching for errors and then going back to fix them takes painstaking, time-consuming effort that’s made all the more stressful at crunch time. To help ease this burden, we’ve created the Data Quality Issues List (DQIL), a simple way to address common data entry errors at any organization.

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Penelope Online Dashboards

Use our add-on reports suite, Tableau, to create striking data visualizations to help you understand outcomes, financial, and worker performance data.

Custom Reporting

Extract your own data

We provide access to a free Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver to make it easy to get your data out of Penelope.

Authorised users can export data from Penelope into whichever third-party application they’re most comfortable with, such as Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports, or MS-ACCESS.

Custom Reports in Penelope

Our tailored services team is made up of experienced data specialists who can help you create specialised reports and datasets for your stakeholders.

If the data is in Penelope, we can present it in the format you need. Just ask for a quote!

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