Data Quality Issues List (DQIL) in Penelope

To help save valuable time and lessen the stress of data entry and reporting, Athena Software now offers a new module in Penelope, known as the Data Quality Issues List (DQIL).

Better quality data could lead to fewer mistakes, reduced costs, smarter decisions, and better products.

Poor data reporting processes can cost any company or organization a hefty amount of money. According to a study conducted by MIT Sloan, organizations easily throw away 15 to 25% of their revenue dealing with data quality issues. What’s worse, staff members have been found to waste up to 50% of their time dealing with avoidable data quality issues. To eliminate these issues, it is a good idea to examine the root cause.

How to boost staff productivity and improve process efficiency through reduced data entry errors and improved data accuracy

For many nonprofit and human social service organizations, ensuring data quality and accuracy is mission critical. Data inaccuracy and poor quality can result in increased labour costs, reduced productivity and even compromised client service.

Our solution

Fortunately, the Data Quality Issues List (DQIL) is an inbuilt data quality tool found on a tab in the collaboration suite in Penelope. It addresses the common data entry problems encountered at any agency. To further simplify and streamline the operations and save time, DQIL comes preloaded with several rules and common scenarios.  The tool has capacity for supplementary rules and additional items to any customization.

Watch this short video to learn how DQIL works

Features of the DQIL that lower your workload and ensure clean data

To enable cleaner, easier and error free daily processes, the Data Quality Issues List (DQIL) tool empowers you to track each issue’s status in real-time. By staying on top of everything, your agency can avoid unnecessary and costly staff re-training. It can also prevent providing misinformation to stakeholders.

Based on feedback from multiple customers and our technical support team, some of the popular items within the DQIL include:

  • A default date of birth was selected for an Individual
  • Past Service Event attendance has not been taken
  • Past Group Event attendance has not been taken
  • Close Reason not selected for a closed Service File
  • The number of Estimated Sessions has not been entered on the Service File
  • The Main Contact method does not exist for an Individual

To read more about Data Quality Issues List, Download the DQIL One Pager

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?