Athena Software Launches Enhanced Data Accuracy Tools for Penelope Case Management

Athena Software is happy to announce the launch of two new easy-to-use tools designed to enhance data accuracy for users of Penelope, its cloud-based client management system for nonprofits and social service organizations.

The first is the Data Quality Issues List (DQIL), an interactive feature that allows staff and supervisors to easily and proactively identify, access, and fix data errors and missing information to help improve organizational efficiency and ensure reporting accuracy.

DQIL also eliminates the need for time-consuming re-training of staff, while improving data integrity across the organization.

“Inaccurate data can be a real headache for social service agencies, especially when compiling reports for funders,” said Amanda McInnis, Vice-President of Customer Experience at Athena Software. “Searching for and fixing errors can be a painstaking process that can be extremely stressful when reports are due. The DQIL allows our customers to easily correct any common mistakes or missing information as they go, making everyone’s life easier at reporting time.”

Penelope also now includes Standard Assessments, another time-saving feature built to help Athena’s customers ensure the accuracy and integrity of their data.

The Standard Assessments option is a suite of pre-built industry documents and assessments with measures that focus on a variety of personal and social metrics including:

  • Mental wellbeing
  • Substance use
  • Relationships, and
  • Overall quality of life

These include industry-standard and commonly-used assessments such as the PHQ-9, K10, Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, DASS-21, and many more. Using Standard Assessments helps ease the burden on staff and removes any worries about being compliant with industry requirements, as Athena takes care of all the necessary upkeep, said McInnis.

“Providing pre-built assessments for our customers allows them to save time on creating the documents themselves and lets them concentrate on their core purpose of serving their community,” she said. “Using Standard Assessments helps our customers improve efficiency by reducing the chances of entering inaccurate information in the wrong fields or using the wrong documents, which again is important when it comes to creating reports. With Standard Assessments, our customers can get everything right the first time.”

Contact us to learn more about DQIL or Standard Assessments, or to schedule a complimentary consultation with a Penelope expert for your organization.

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