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Software Benefits

Helping you achieve your mission

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Easy Reporting

Penelope lets you collect complete and healthy data, so you can ensure accurate, ‘single source of truth’ reporting.

Make sure nothing falls through the cracks

Automated workflows keep things running smoothly. With time- and action-based triggers, Penelope can keep thing moving at your organization.

Involve clients in their care

Penelope’s fully mobile portal, ClientConnect, empowers clients to be more involved in their care. Through the portal they can view their records, complete tasks, schedule appointments, pay online, and more.

Case Study

Family Service of Eastern Nova Scotia


Founded in 1969, this nonprofit organization was using paper files and filing cards to track client information when they selected Penelope as their case management system in 2011. Since then, Penelope has been implemented agency-wide, and has helped FSENS improve internal communication and culture, easily track statistics for program management, and find significant time savings for staff in multiple areas.

Penelope for multi-agency networks

Many organizations are either affiliated into networks, or deliver the same set of services with a defined set of reporting requirements.

Learn how client management software can help with data collection, aggregation, and reporting for multi-agency networks across multiple organizations.

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Request for Proposal template

for Case Management Software

Issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) is a great way for organizations to narrow down the list of contenders in a thorough and efficient manner. Pulling together all of your requirements to create and distribute an RFP can seem like a monumental task.

That’s why we’ve created this handy RFP template to help your agency build a compelling document that will ultimately help find you the client management system that’s right for you.

Everyday Tools

Get things running smoothly


Penelope’s full suite of operational tools gives your human service organization the functionality it needs to run smoothly. Smart forms make documentation easy, and automation makes sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Comprehensive scheduling, staff time tracking, billing, intake tools and more are all built right in.


Ensure the safety of your client data


Our number one priority is the security of your client information.

Data privacy provisions are a part of all aspects of our operations – from the design of Penelope to the configuration and management of our data centres, our internal administrative controls, staff training, management, and the way we deliver client services.

Social service agencies and nonprofits around the world use Penelope

Explore how social service agencies like yours are using Penelope to create efficiency through automation and integration, improve reporting accuracy, optimize resources, and generate cost savings.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?