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Report on your operations and improve quality assurance

Software Benefits

Making your everyday easier

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Easy Reporting

Penelope let you collect complete and healthy data, so you can ensure accurate, ‘single source of truth’ reporting.

Involve clients in their care

Penelope’s fully mobile portal, ClientConnect, empowers clients to be more involved in their care. Through the portal they can view their records, complete tasks, schedule appointments, pay online and more.

Track billing activities for clients and funders

Manage invoices, payments, and credits for clients and funders with our convenient, out-of-the-box billing module

Case Study



SourceAmerica® is a nonprofit that’s been creating job opportunities for people with significant disabilities across the U.S. since 1974. In 2018, they selected Penelope by Athena Software as a unified case management system for sites delivering the SourceAmerica® Pathways to Careers Initiative.
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How disability support service organizations can improve efficiency & demonstrate ROI

Join Gillian Barrie from the Alzheimer’s Society of Durham Region and Jordan Fox and Ray Sabharwal from Athena Software as they discuss how disability and human service agencies can create efficiency in their organizations using technology.

Operational Tools

Keep it simple


Penelope’s full suite of operational tools give your behavioural health agency the functionality it needs to run smoothly. Automation ensures things don’t fall through the cracks and smart forms make documentation easy.

Comprehensive scheduling, staff time tracking, billing, intake tools and more are all built right in.


Ensure the safety of your client data


Our number one priority is the security of your client information.

Data privacy provisions are a part of all aspects of our operations – from the design of Penelope to the configuration and management of our data centres, our internal administrative controls, staff training, management, and the way we deliver client services.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?