Employee Assistance Program (EAP) SOftware

Integrate your operations to increase efficiency

Software Benefits

What Penelope EAP software can do for you

Improve the Service Experience

Centralized web-based intake, referral, and scheduling capabilities allow you to provide your EAP clients with timely professional service that can reduce wait times and unnecessary affiliate communications.

Grow your operation

Penelope lets you effectively monitor your services internally and respond to emerging needs and trends. With a healthy data set your company can produce the detailed information required to effectively promote your services in a crowded marketplace.

Manage Billing

Staff select the EAP contract for a client, which then draws down the client’s session limits. All the practitioner needs to do is record the type of service provided and indicate that the service occurred.

Case Study

King County EAP


King County EAP in Seattle, Washington provides services to 17 departments in their county. They moved to Penelope from a paper-based system and are already reaping the rewards. Improved data security, accurate reporting, and mobile capabilities are all aspects of Penelope that have made a difference in their EAP organization.

Client Engagement

Connect with the people you serve


Penelope’s client portal, ClientConnect, empowers the people you serve to take part in their care. ClientConnect makes it easy to communicate with your clients, have them complete documents or book appointments. ClientConnect is fully mobile, so your clients can use it anywhere.

Staff Training

Get people using Penelope right away


Penelope’s simple training interface lets staff learn the ins and outs of Penelope faster than ever. Get your staff using the full functionality of Penelope so you can deliver the best service possible.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?