Penelope for Education Services Resources

The world is rapidly adapting to digital means of communication and service. Educational institutions and providers are considering innovative options to attract and improve overall student outcomes

Penelope is a cloud-based platform that allows the educational institutions to effectively manage all a variety of student services.

About Athena Software

In 2001, Greg Stanley-Horn was working for a non-profit organization and was tasked with finding a case management software to fit all of his agency’s service tracking needs. After extensive research, he realized that the solution he was looking for didn’t exist. So, he decided to build it.

He enlisted the help of his wife, Diane and his brother Kevin. Together, they created Penelope and brought it to market. Now, almost 20 years later, Penelope is used by tens of thousands of professionals and their clients within non-profit agencies and social service organization all over the world.

Get things running smoothly

It is critical that as education service providers, their process of engagement is expedited in a timely manner, with the proper supports in place.

Penelope allows you to create custom automated workflows with action triggers that send notifications and alerts to staff or students via email or SMS.

Increase Student Engagement

ClientConnect is the mobile client portal for Penelope that empowers your students to participate in their care while improving outcomes and providing transparency, accountability, and trust.

Students should be provided with tools that allow them to connect in remote ways, at a space and time that feel comfortable for them. The automation of client engagement through a convenient portal will help students report incidents quickly and with more confidence. It will lead to enhanced client data accuracy, since much of the data will be input by the clients themselves.

How schools and universities can improve student well-being

Educational institutions and providers must adopt innovative approaches to meet the needs of students today.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it additional challenges, some of which include reduced or restricted travel and mandated social distancing, accelerating and underlining the need for colleges and universities to expand their range of student services.

For students, a sense of security and safety is now a major consideration in choosing their post-secondary institution.

In this live webinar, we discuss how colleges and universities can enhance student well-being and improve retention rates. As well as how to:

  • Efficiently manage Individual Service Plans
  • Effectively access & manage progress tracking of student cases
  • Ensure data accuracy and develop relevant reports
  • Manage data security, privacy, and confidentiality