AGS Rehab Solutions

Mississauga, Ontario


AGS Rehab Solutions is a leader in providing disability management, assessment, and vocational solutions to insurers, employers, law firms, and government agencies across Canada. The organization was founded in 1999 by Addie Greco-Sanchez under the guiding principles of enhancing lives, maximizing potentials, and creating successful outcomes for all.

Over the years, AGS has evolved into a national organization of highly qualified and passionate people that support the health and productivity of their clients by delivering innovative and customized services that meet the diverse needs of the people they serve.

We spoke with Erick Sanchez, IT Director at AGS, to learn more about the factors that went into the organization’s decision to replace their case management system and why they ultimately chose Penelope.


AGS began their search for a new case management system when they realized the web-based application they created in-house to track client information could no longer keep up with their growth.

They needed a scalable, easy-to-use solution that would be able to accommodate customized programs for clients and allow staff to update data in real -me without affecting the performance of the system.


It didn’t take long for Erick and his team to conclude that a Software as a Service (SaaS) case management solution would best fit the needs of their organization. After considering multiple SaaS platforms, they chose Penelope because, according to Erick, it “fit with what AGS was looking for: able to scale, customizable to our needs, and able to have multiple users work remotely.”


Penelope has been well-received since its implementation at AGS, with staff describing the system as secure and user-friendly.

Erick elaborated on this, saying that users of the system appreciate how straightforward it makes client intake and case file creation and are thrilled about its report-building functionality and improved data storage capabilities.

AGS Rehab teamOne of the things that AGS staff enjoy the most about Penelope is its internal Collaboration Suite.

Erick said they “really like the ability to message within the system,” and that it “makes it very efficient for the team to collaborate on case files, since messages can be saved within them, which is great for documentation.”

He also mentioned how simple it is to add attachments to case files in Penelope and commended the system on its ability to display all client information on one page, unlike “other systems where info is on several different pages or screens,” and says the ability to access case files remotely and securely has been crucial to keeping subcontractors and remote workers connected.


Since implementing Penelope, AGS has seen a significant improvement in operational efficiency. Erick attributes this success in part to “going paperless”—in other words, moving to a fully digital and centralized case management system—and credits Penelope with reducing manual work for staff.


We want to thank Erick for giving us a glimpse into how AGS Rehab Solutions uses Penelope and we look forward to working with his organisation for years to come!


Q: How would you explain Penelope to someone who has never used it?

A: “It’s a system for case management that replaces paper files, allows for statistical reports to be created and pulled, and contains all file information (documents, notes, and client information) in one location.”

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