“…the support we’ve received through webinars, user conferences and cloud support are some of the highlights of working with Athena.”

Deltassist Family and Community Services Society is a nonprofit based in Delta, B.C., Canada, that offers an array of services directed at individuals, youths, seniors and the community at large.

Founded in 1972, Deltassist have been using Penelope case management software since 2008.

Penelope was originally selected by Deltassist to help record simple client data like demographics and contact information, along with other service-specific details.

Penelope is customer-centric and easy to use

Among the immediate benefits was the fact that having all staff on the same system meant that clients no longer had to repeat any of their information or service details, which helped speed up treatment and processing times.

As well, due to the fact that Deltassist was coming from a MS-DOS based system, the technical benefits were obvious from the get-go.

One of the main reasons Deltassist chose Penelope was due to its easy-to-use interface.

Because they were coming from an outdated system, they needed something that could be picked up quickly by their staff and wouldn’t add complications.

Since deploying Penelope, they have kept pace with the application’s development, and the basic system they started with has now morphed into a more robust tool that helps track client activities and billing at Deltassist, among many other uses.

Great customer support

Margaret Lloyd helped select and deploy Penelope at Deltassist, and said Penelope has been a part of organizational growth since 2007. She said Deltassist has been very happy with the technology and support they’ve received.

“The Athena team has been great to work with, and the support we’ve received through webinars, user conferences and cloud support are some of the highlights of working with Athena.” said Margaret.

“Support is there when you need it,” said Margaret, saying this can make all the difference for an organization that is trying to adopt a new data system.

During the search process, Margaret noted that other consultants spoke highly of Athena’s post-sales support, something that’s helped drive Athena’s exceptional client retention record.

Penelope smart forms are configurable and easy to edit

Another Penelope strength that Deltassist has used during its time with Athena is the system’s capability for unlimited custom smart forms.

The fact that organizations can build smart documents and edit them on the fly makes it easy to change the way they monitor client progress and treatment.

Rather than having to approach Athena for every change needed in a document, Deltassist is able to make changes on their own for no additional cost.

This means service plans, referral forms, and intake processes can change year-to-year, and be represented in the software, without disrupting agency workflow.

Staff at Deltassist are trained to make changes to smart forms as necessary, meaning they now have Penelope experts in-house.

This also assists with new employee training and onboarding to learn the basics of the system and troubleshoot with day-to-day tasks.

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