Software for LGBTQ+ Centers

Engage with your clients and track all of your services in one secure system

Software Benefits

How Penelope can help engage your clients and track multiple services

Deliver services remotely and safely

Penelope’s fully mobile portal, ClientConnect, empowers your clients to be more involved in their care. Through the portal, your clients can use their phone to securely complete tasks, update their information, schedule appointments, and more.

Track billing activities

Use our comprehensive billing module to set policies and track different billing types and activities for clients and funders.

Track all of your services in one system

Penelope is a flexible and configurable system designed to track as many services as you offer, including groups, classes, and workshops. Penelope’s built-in scheduling, reporting, and workflow tools give you a 360-degree view of your organization at all times.

Case Study

LGBTQ+ Center Long Beach


In advance of the webinar, read our case study to learn how LGBTQ+ Center Long Beach has used Penelope to provide remote services during COVID. Though the transition to remote care has limited the organization’s ability to provide their services in full, they’ve been able to come up with innovative solutions such as the creation of a drive-up/walk-up service for HIV and STI testing.

Press release

Triad Health Project selects Penelope

Greensboro, North Carolina AIDS service organization Triad Health Project recently selected the pre-configured version of Penelope to help increase efficiency, decrease paper usage, and improve client engagement and reporting. Read the press release to learn more!

young woman checking messages on client portal

Client Engagement

Empower clients to participate in their care

Penelope’s client portal, ClientConnect, makes it easy to connect with the people you serve. ClientConnect gives you the tools to communicate with your clients, have them complete documents or book appointments. ClientConnect is fully mobile, so your clients can use it anywhere.

Staff Training

Get people using Penelope right away


Penelope’s simple training interface lets staff learn the ins and outs of Penelope faster than ever. Get your staff using the full functionality of Penelope so you can deliver the best service possible.

therapist and patient


Ensure the safety of your client data


Our number one priority is the security of your client information.

Data privacy provisions are a part of all aspects of our operations – from the design of Penelope to the configuration and management of our data centres, our internal administrative controls, staff training, management, and the way we deliver client services.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?